What does it take to really move your cybersecurity brand and reputation up and to the right?

Top corporate IT executives listen to Gartner, especially when it comes to their Magic Quadrants. Why? Because they know that the best place to be is up (execute) and to the right (vision).

It’s with this in mind that SecurityAscent comes to you. We partner to take your cloud cybersecurity program up to where it belongs. Your program will be recognized, highly regarded, and winning. 

Boardrooms don’t lose sleep over lost data. In fact, they seldom truly care about it at all. What they really care about is the loss of brand & reputation that follows a breach.

The best IT organizations have great stories to tell…and tell them, both internally and externally. It’s their best investment.

Kevin Peterson, CISSP

Founder | Cybersecurity Practice Leader

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Elevating Your Brand & Reputation | eBook

When Fortune 100 IT leadership needs to accelerate their Zscaler program…

From: Elevating your Cybersecurity Brand & Reputation eBook (by SecurityAscent) As if data breach notification costs weren’t enough of a financial penalty, businesses that fumble the ball in responding publicly to a data breach can incur additional indirect costs from a loss of brand value in the marketplace. CISOs are making significant investments in people, processes and technology to protect the privacy of their customer data. It’s a shame if all that investment was neutralized by a weak, reactive, uncoordinated marketing response.

Patrick Gaul

Executive Director, National Technology Security Coalition


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With SecurityAscent, you benefit from our proven leadership, especially around cloud cybersecurity (Zscaler), offering insight and capabilities that few can match.

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