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Lowering business risk via cloud security

A cloud DNA helps take you to a whole new level as you bring security and compliance together (think peanut butter and chocolate!).
With great success, your organization gets discretionary free time back on your side, which is where your true wealth really lies. After all, you can always make more money, but you can never really make more time. And our services are specifically designed to bring you that exponential value in days, rather than months or even years.
Cloud Security

Unlike others out there, I am not all over the place. Rather, I am a cloud security expert and that’s what I set out do better for you than anyone else.

Cloud GRC

eZ Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) with a flair for the Generation Z crowd who want more than just a compliance program.

About Me

Helping you DEMONSTRATE MEANINGFUL VALUE AND RESULTS from your InfoSec program,
better than any of your competitors,
enabling even better business opportunities.
Because your security program deserves a success story.

ZecurityAscent is changing the way organizations look at their information security program...for the better.

Based in Atlanta as a veteran-owned (USAF - Aim High!) organization and with the experience of top Fortune information security leadership, I am a recognized expert who always focus on customer value as the only acceptable outcome.

I don't bill by the hour because I simply don't see the point in doing in 10 steps/hours what can be done in 2. And I only take on a few active partner clients at a time, for the very same reasons - quality and value.

  • SSL Encryption

    Percentage of web traffic that is encrypted (leaving most security blind) - NSS Labs

  • Advanced Threats

    Percentage of advanced threats hidden inside SSL traffic - Zscaler

  • Spending Increase

    Global IT spending increase over the next 3 years - Gartner

  • Security through 2020

    Percentage of new security technologies delivered as a service - Gartner


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