Cybersecurity breach?
Is marketing 100% ready?

Lowering business risk via cybersecurity content marketing, elevating your company brand

As the pioneers in information security content marketing, we work with large organizations to ensure that internal and external messaging reflects the true story of the information security efforts, before, during, and after any data breaches.

Welcome to the age of creating award winning alliances between corporate marketing and IT!

Under the direction and banner of the marketing team, we work work with the information security executive leadership to ensure that high quality content is created and shared for the world to see.


If things go bad, such as a large data breach, we are right there as part of the incident response plan. As highly qualified security experts, we are able to immediately bring meaningful context to the content.


Even after the dust settles, we are there to ensure that the brand continues to improve. Because really, who wants to let just anyone out there on the Internet write your story for you?

About Us

Helping you DEMONSTRATE MEANINGFUL VALUE AND RESULTS from your InfoSec program,
enabling even better business opportunities.
Because your security program deserves success stories.

ZecurityAscent is changing the way organizations look at their information security program...for the better.

Founded by a top Fortune 10 cybersecurity practitioner, Silicon Valley marketing executive, blogger, speaker, and author, ZecurityAscent was built from the ground up to be nothing short of the world's leading source of content marketing for those seeking to bring the exponential power of social media and content to their IT department.

We bring with us the multi-generational talent that is required to connect with your intended audiences, fully leveraging the platforms that each gravitates to. And because we are also required to be information security certified, the creative content we bring forward has the true authentic context required to keep the engagement high.

  • Marketing Security Knowledge

    Marketing teams simply don't have information security certifications

  • Security Marketing Knowledge

    Information security teams don't have marketing expertise

  • Driven to be free!

    The way we see it, great storytelling should be free. We'll show you where the value already lies and where it can be created to a point that you'll agree that you are losing money every day you are not partnered with us.

  • Running marathons, not campaigns

    Social media content marketing is where the eyes are, which is why we target the long-term needs rather than going for some drive by marketing campaign that simply won't work

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