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…as a service. We take on the core responsibility for monitoring your online brand footprint, including: sentiment, mentions, content, engagement, topics, and trends. You then receive near real-time access to highly visualized dashboards that fulfill many of your burning cybersecurity marketing questions.


Everything we do for you on the brand monitoring front, we can do for you as though we were also doing the same for your competitors. We then feed that back to you as highly valuable qualitative and quantitative data that the entire marketing team can use, even out in the land of field marketing.


We also track the brands and channel communication for all the cybersecurity event players. So when you are planning to sponsor a conference, we have the data on hand to help you decide how it should be approached. You will know before going in just how well they help promote their sponsors, what might resonate with them, even what’s trending. And then mutually beneficial follow-up data.


It’s frustrating to see that brilliant campaign you wrapped up 30 days ago already no longer a trending topic. And its even worse when a competitor picks it up and the data shows they getting more traction. We will see that, then advise on how to turn it right back around.


Do you perhaps need that new sales presentation reviewed by an outside firm before showing it the very first time? Or how about having something fresh, on brand, and on message, specifically for an upcoming event? And how about getting it done with little to no friction, such as having to go back and ask to spend more money? This is just part of the value of having SecurityAscent as your ongoing service provider.

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