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To prove we are just as deep in cybersecurity as we are in marketing your brand, we dedicate a significant amount of our time toward remaining technically proficient. With a focus on cloud security, we are truly second to none in what we provide.


We are very friendly to all recruiters. If you bring us an opportunity, then it is registered as yours, plain and simple. We will not attempt in any way to take it direct, as we fully respect the value you offer.

Our terms are simple and straightforward: corp-to-corp and not at all interested in “contract to hire” or anything of the sort. Remote as well as on-site options are available, including all-inclusive pricing for the latter.

If you want the very best cloud security consulting, start with a consultant that understands what you want and need, with the actual experience to back it up:


Kevin has served as the business unit security officer (BISO) at McKesson (Fortune 5), where he lead the cybersecurity program for 75 software products, a very high revenue managed services program, and broadly evangelized the adoption of cloud security across the entire company. Perhaps more specifically, he introduced both of the most visible security platforms that continue to drive their success.


For many in cybersecurity, working in Silicon Valley is considered the very pinnacle of success. So while he has been through there in very big ways twice himself (Juniper Networks and Zscaler, as well several advisory board positions for startups), he knows that the creativity and drive that is the brand of that landscape is hardly confined to them. He knows that all companies, wherever they are, can actually do better. Of course there are times when connections and relationships matter, especially when it comes to cybersecurity, for which he has the luxury of being able to reach out to many of the top thought leaders (and former peers) with relative ease.


Zscaler Private Access (ZPA)

Kevin literally helped write the book on remote access. During his 7 years at Juniper Networks as Senior Product Manager for the Junos Pulse SSL VPN product line (now Pulse Secure), he not only co-authored the top book on the subject, but also ran the SSL VPN Insider blog site, where he was in constant contact with thousands of fans of that product.

Then, the mobile phone era started and it was clear that times were changing. SSL VPNs were not going to survive. No client VPNs would survive.

Kevin’s insight into this has proven to be quite true. As noted way back in 2011-2012, users were simply no longer willing to connect to networks (specifically corporate networks) before connecting to their ‘apps’. Enterprises had to now find a way to solve the identity problem of how to properly identify and trust their users, what they were connecting to (servers), and what they were connecting from (devices). Done right, with encryption always present, and these smart users never again have to ask how to first connect to the corporate/trusted network.

The rules had changed. Now was the time to start moving in that direction.

Zscaler was still very much under wraps with ZPA when he joined the team there in 2014, but that’s a huge part of why he did. Now, Zscaler is the hottest ticket out there, and Kevin knows how to get it rolled out right the first time.

Zscaler Deployment Advisory Services (DAS)

When most large enterprises begin with Zscaler, they also buy into their Deployment Advisory Services. With this, they get the comfort of having some truly extraordinary Zscaler engineers and project managers steer them toward success, for a slotted period of time or other predefined threshold.

These teams run their playbooks and scripts without fail and, if done right, everyone wins. But, they aren’t going to do the work. It says so right in their description — they are purely advisory. They give advice, of which you then have to implement…or not.

Kevin looks at this advice role much the same as a group of parents in the stands at a sporting event. Often times it’s quite likely that one of them has more experience in that sport than the current coach does, so may have some great advice to offer up. But at the end of the day, it’s the coach who has the real skin in the game. And everyone recognizes that to win, the coach, rather than the advisors, is going to need to be the real driving force. Take in all you can from the advisors and decide what to do with it? Why yes, of course. Just don’t leave it with that.

This is surely why Zscaler themselves is not in the consulting/coaching game. It’s the next level. Someone has to be the coach, even if it’s just the interim one until the team has all they need. It’s the difference between leaving behind a checklist or leaving a legacy. That’s the role that Kevin plays, ensuring that you have every opportunity to achieve the latter. And as Red Adair famously said “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur”.


Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA)

Getting the most of the Zscaler platform means understanding the entire security stack. It means understanding quite deeply what it truly takes to make the Internet safe for business, putting together the plan that will succeed, then executing.

It’s a real challenge to find someone who understands and can also fully implement SSL inspection, data loss prevention (DLP), web proxy, CASB, bandwidth management, advanced threat protection, malware, sandboxing, DNS security, next generation firewall, SIEM, and everything else that is typically deployed between the user and the Internet, let alone also being able to work seamlessly with the network architects to fully optimize the traffic flows.

But more importantly, it’s finding the right person who can not only lead this, but do so with the sole purpose of making sure the client is far better off when he/she leaves. Because as a consultant, the goal is always to do what must be done to bring the most value, then go on to the next great opportunity. This is baked into the equation, ensuring that those who are in-house can get the outcome needed much faster through the extra set of hands, then happily take over when the prescribed time has come.




The one area that consistently gets the most praise is documentation. As each phase of the program, the team gets a professionally developed summary of what all was achieved. And not just any old Word or PowerPoint file, but a glossy, full bleed, marketing data sheet booklet, developed through Adobe InDesign and various other tools, that is then printed out for ready access. That is, if it’s not taken home to show off to the family what you were a part of, or perhaps will be in the next phase. 

We do this because sooner or later someone else will join the team. When they do, we know that you want them to be able to read up on all the great work that was done, then apply it to their own benefit starting the very next day. We want them to be every bit as excited as you have been and are today.

A program this big deserves to have the story told, the right way, with a virtually indefinite shelf life.

Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson

Zscaler Practice Leader @ SecurityAscent | USAF Veteran

As the former Director of Security & Network Transformation at Zscaler (2014-2018), Kevin authored many of the more technical papers, be called upon to speak at 40 security events per year, lead the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) relationship, and also served the marketing and communication needs of the global Security Architect team as an embedded member.

Of course, he’s fully certified on everything Zscaler, including the coveted and rather rare deployment specialist level.


Below are just a couple of conferences that Kevin has had speaking engagements at. These also include events hosted by RSA, INTERFACE, Triangle InfoSeCon, Cyber Security Summit – Los Angeles, and the Cloud Security Alliance.

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