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Information security teams don’t know what a editorial calendar provides, but we sure do. From day zero we are already hard at work laying out what the coming days, weeks, months, and even a year will look like. And then we deliver all of that rich content that the market is ready to consume.
As the saying goes, content is now king, but context is god. So when it comes right down to it, there’s an obvious and increasing need to generate quality content. And by quality, we understand that it must resonate well with the information and cyber security community crowds.
Every employee at ZecurityAscent is not only deeply rooted in marketing, especially social media content marketing, but is either already security certified or certainly will be in very short order. There’s simply no other marketing agency out there who can make this claim.
Cost Savings
Our goal is to always be zero net cost to any enterprise we serve. In fact, we want to be at least 10X in savings! How we deliver on that is a bit of our secret sauce, but let’s just say that we don’t get there by sitting around and hoping everything will just work itself out. We work for it!
Cybersecurity Insurance
The benefits that come from being able to tell your own story is a real winner for those who are responsible and accountable for staying on top of cybersecurity risk programs. So it comes as no surprise that being able to showcase an entire portfolio of cybersecurity brand protection to the underwriters provides value that had not previously been tapped into.
When you sign on with ZecurityAscent, you don’t get a person. You get a team. And each team is multi-generational, typically spanning generations X, Y, and Z (what the Z in Zecurity actually refers to). We do this so that we can get the most of each uniquely native post through blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and whatever else the market requires. Because every hashtag, keyword, and SEO exercise means something and we seek to absolutely nail it the first time.
IDC predicts that “By 2020, 80% of Enterprises Worldwide Will Invest in Incident Response Retainers”. And of course we are encouraged by the marketing thought leaders who are now seeing that this investment pays off well for those who have to help protect the brand in the aftermath of any security incident.
Employee Retention
Great employees do leave from time to time and it’s very disappointing to see that happen over the brand reputation of the company. In fact, following breaches at large companies, it’s been all-too-common to not only see IT security staff leave quite abruptly, but to then talk to the press and others about just how things went down.
Everyone in IT security knows what defense-in-depth is. And now when then see that marketing is on their side, it suddenly becomes obvious that security teams have another layer of defense on their side. This is beyond encouragement; it’s a real defense plan and execution on their behalf. They see it and they love it!
ZecurityAscent is connected all throughout Silicon Valley. Deeply connected. So when things go bad, we can easily take on the convoluted “security vendor” landscape, helping ensure that they are marketing on your behalf, not to your detriment. The CISO or CIO can quickly point out “These guys said something about our breach that just doesn’t ring true, can you please make it right?”. Yes, of course! Done!



We are quiet professionals. Dead quiet. We’ll sign your NDA as a necessary formality, but our own operating procedures dictate that we don’t talk about our external marketing customers…with anyone. This is largely ghostwriting, after all. So there’s absolutely no risk that we will put your logo up on our corporate site or anywhere else, at least not without your full and mutually desired permission. Instead, we greatly prefer the referral model for your support.


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