And for the CISO who wants to build so much brand equity that a cyber crisis is off the table, as the positive messaging leads the conversation.

Your team did a killer job on a key project and now you want them to get recognized by the outside world. That’s great!

Perhaps it’s getting them submitted for a something like the Information Security Executives award in your region, or even an internal company award.

In any case, now it’s going to take packaging that is as distinguished as all the work that lead up to it. After all, we don’t want anyone going way saying that the difference between 3rd and 1st place really came down to the presentation.

A package from SecurityAscent involves:

  • Interviewing the associated team members as an outsider should, ensuring that internal bias is removed from the equation so that all the right questions can be fully asked, answered, then presented back.
  • Designing a suite of presentation materials that is sure to awe and inspire. This is not an exercise in PowerPoint, but rather high impact content using Adobe InDesign for rich full bleed PDF/printed documents; with elegant presentations to match, possibly with a video thrown in.
  • Submitting the entire package to the award panel/committee, on time and on budget.
Every top cybersecurity program has people who are just dying to share what all they are doing. These are your thought leaders, and getting them the exposure they deserve is going to pay back dividends for the overall cybersecurity program.

There’s really no trick to getting them in front of a crowd. You just have to know what all is coming up, prepare and submit an abstract, build a compelling presentation, build a relationship with the conference staff…

Okay, so there is a bit of work and even some inside knowledge involved. That’s okay though, as our founder has regularly spoken at over 40 cybersecurity events a year, not to mention countless webcasts and podcasts, and takes great pride in ensuring that speakers find the right outlet. Rest assured, your fine speaker(s) will be coached and otherwise supported from ideation through delivery and on to follow-up.

Even if this wasn’t the year for an award submission (not every year is), there’s always room for a great annual report. This is something that will be beutifully printed out and handed out to the entire internal team. It’s something they will almost surely rush home to show their families, who will be eager to see it because it was already texted to them upon seeing it.

As every CISO knows, there’s a huge difference in being featured on a blog post versus a printed article. And the rest of the security team is certainly no different. This is why we build a product for them that not only memorializes all the great work they did over the past year, but provides it in magazine-grade print form that they will carry with them. Emails are nice and all, but little can hold up to this level of refinement and due diligence on their behalf. And of course, just get ready to see what everyone wants to do to get featured next year!

The boardroom isn’t particularly worried about the actual data breach. Not really. And they aren’t worried too terribly much about what happens to the CISO or CIO following a breach, either. What they are worried about is the loss of brand reputation in the aftermath. That is, as we all like to say, what keeps them up at night.

This is why having the right boardroom content has become so critical. It’s creating the content that is so compelling that the last thing they are worried about is picking up their phones to see what else might be more interesting at that very moment. As with the annual reports for the employees, it’s time to create the impactful messaging that they will carry home with them for further reading, then on to their other ventures declaring “This! This is what I want to see us doing here!”.

This is exactly what SecurityAscent can deliver, with all the confidence and confidentiality required.

While we do more broadly cover this topic under our Cyber Crisis Management service definition, let’s just say that the fact you are reading this means you are likely one of us. Because when it comes to any sort of crisis, we all know what the choices are: fight, freeze, or flee.

We like, and most identify with, the fighters. So when the unthinkable happens, we are on retainer and coming to your aid. Where the content generation and ideation may have been fairly steady before, now it’s going to get really cranked up, working with all invested parties to get your positive message out.

And best news of all for the CISO, this is generally paid for by the marketing budget!


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Your Legacy

Everyone on the front lines of security deserves a positive legacy. So as you look at the content produced on your behalf, simply ask yourself: Would I want to leave printed copies of this on my desk when when I move on to the next big thing, or simply take them with me. We sure hope and expect it will be the former.

Legacy. What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.

Alexander Hamilton

Hamilton, The Broadway Musical

Our Commitment

We never enter into any situation thinking that you are broken and we are there to fix you. And if we just happen to come in following a bad situation, such as a major data breach, it’s our empathy that shines through, not any judgement. Because, while we are certainly skillful security practitioners in our own right, playing Monday morning quarterback is not what we are bringing to the table. So please, rest easy.

What you will absolutely get from us is the masterful collection of artifacts and worthwhile tidbits around your security program, capturing your leading efforts down the path to excellence that might otherwise be lost, quickly turning that into content that you will be proud of. As we get to work, our goal is to create something so meaningful to you personally that you will want nothing more than to immediately skip right past your manager in order to go and show your family what it is that you do so well. If that’s our only measure of success, then we completely nailed it!

In other words, the only thing we have to sell you is, well, you. Now that’s cool.

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