Everyone likes to be inspired and to inspire others. Not only does it make us feel good, but we draw great power from it. It puts that spring in our step and pumps the adrenaline to our muscles. When applied to information security roles and efforts, repeatedly and with purpose, powerful transformations can occur overnight


A word seldom used to describe information security technologists is dedication. And that’s a real shame, because, as we know from being cut from the very same cloth, it’s this core dedication to making the world a safer place that drives the very best of the best. Now is the time to give them all a great voice!


Those of us in information security are truly living in remarkable times. Asked to do the seemingly impossible on a daily basis, the reward for which is all-too-often being able to claim that we believe we won simply because the company didn’t end up a news headline that was accompanied by a profound loss of market value. The real stories deserve to be written, shared internally so that others can carry that energy forward into the next days.

As we live in the information security world, we can sit down directly with individual contributors and immidately start creating sustainable value. There’s no time lost as someone has to explain to us what GRC, PCI, ISO 27001 and the like are, and why it matters to their particular role. As the saying goes, we are already there. 

Template Creation: Design templates for meaningful information to begin flowing up the chain, well filtered and on point for the intended audience so it doesn’t overwhelm. Basically allowing everyone to better see the forrest through the trees.

Social Media Training: Not how to use social media, but rather how to use social media to uplift the company brand — across all the relevant platforms.

Persona Development: Fully documenting the persona of the role, not only in its current state but up to what it is ultimately capable. Largely based on Silicon Valley product management skills and techniques, this is definitley a fun and worthwhile exercise.  

Really the same as what we might do for individual contributors, albeit more finely tuned the unique teams (incident response, security operations, etc..) and more tightly refined to the managers needs to inspire and really begin the storytelling process. Greater emphasis is also give around organic content creation so that is can more freely flow in all directions. 

You’re an executive, so we’ll be quick. 

Killer presentations: Do you have to go speak at some glorious and most honored event? And we guess you want or need some presentations that will leave the entire room wanting to come work for you? But you are so busy or just lost the creative edge years ago and could use the help in getting something masterful? Yeah okay, no problem. 

Just say boardroom presentation and you have our undivided attention. Seriously. Whatever you need from a marketing/content perspective is just waiting to be delivered, even if it’s in record time.

Tip: Our specialty for this setting is sales quality color printed booklets, leveraging your company’s style guide, printed only by a trusted 3rd party, graphically pulling together the cybysecurity message you really need to deliver and have sink in. If you don’t get some incredible feedback right then and there, expect to possibly get a directly call from one or more of the board members asking for more information about your program.

Our Commitment

We never enter into any situation thinking that you are broken and we are there to fix you. And if we just happen to come in following a bad situation, such as a major data breach, it’s our empathy that shines through, not any judgement. Because, while we are certainly skillful security practitioners in our own right, playing Monday morning quarterback is not what we are bringing to the table. So please, rest easy.

What you will absolutely get from us is the masterful collection of artifacts and worthwhile tidbits around your security program, capturing your leading efforts down the path to excellence that might otherwise be lost, quickly turning that into content that you will be proud of. As we get to work, our goal is to create something so meaningful to you personally that you will want nothing more than to immediately skip right past your manager in order to go and show your family what it is that you do so well. If that’s our only measure of success, then we completely nailed it!

In other words, the only thing we have to sell you is, well, you. Now that’s cool.


Your Legacy

Everyone on the front lines of security deserves a positive legacy. So as you look at the content produced on your behalf, simply ask yourself: Would I want to leave printed copies of this on my desk when when I move on to the next big thing, or simply take them with me. We sure hope and expect it will be the former.

Legacy. What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.

Alexander Hamilton

Hamilton, The Broadway Musical


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